I don't speak Spanish. Can I still join?

Absolutely! The Chamber conducts its business and events (unless otherwise noted) in English. While you may see and hear members speaking both English and Spanish you can rest assured that you will not feel out of place.

No Hablo Ingles. ¿Puedo inscribirme?

¡Claro que sí! Uno de los objetivos de la Cámara de Comercio Latina es ayudar a las personas de origen latino asimilarse a la cultura de negocios de los Estados Unidos. No se preocupe si no habla inglés. Hay muchos miembros que hablan los dos idiomas, y siempre hay alguien que quiere ayudar a traducir.

If you speak English like the other chambers what makes you different?

One way our chamber is unique in that it is not bound by geography. Another way the Gulf Coast Latin Chamber differs from other chambers is that our focus in on the growing demographic of the Latino business owner and those that wish to do business with Latinos.

One goal of the Chamber is to help business owners from other countries assimilate to American culture. We do this by providing an environment that is geared to help them learn about doing business in the United States. Another goal is to help business people who wish to do business with the Latin Market learn about the differences between their culture and that of Hispanics and Latinos.

It is this focus on integration of cultures that makes our Chamber different. Our focus, while it remains on helping local businesses grow, has an international flavor and works to include the best of both local and international business.

I see you refer to Latinos and Hispanics.... what's the difference?

Long story short and without splitting hairs (and at the risk of offending some)… not much. Many times they are used interchangebly with each other though technical differences do exist.

Why should I join? With the economy the way it is I can't afford another bill.

Our chamber works hard to provide great value for your investment. Many of our events are free to members or at a reduced cost.

For instance, If you are a small (1-15 employee) company you can join for $25 a month. If you attend our Conexiones event and two lunches you save $25 versus the non-member price. The membership pays for itself! And this doesn’t include the added benefits of the networking you’ll do and the great times you’ll have.

The benefits to a not for profit are even clearer, pay $10 a month and save $25, a great return on investment!

I'm not Latino but I own a business, can I still join?

Yes !